How to Choose the Best Baby Formula

By on February 2, 2014

You will hear from all the health professionals and care givers that the best milk for a baby, is breast milk; you might have even noticed the slogan “Breast is best.” Though for numerous reasons, it is not always possible to breastfeed; maybe the baby or mother fell ill after birth, or possibly the baby was born premature and had to be placed into an incubator thus preventing breastfeeding. It could be that the mother was unable to feed because she could not produce enough milk or her milk dried up.

The reason for not being able to breast feed should not cause unnecessary worry as the solution is readily available and easy to give to the baby, baby formula is the answer. There are countless brands of baby formula on offer, from organic milk formulas to soy formulas; the market covers all possible requirements. If you are in the situation where you need to feed your baby with a bottle you will probably ask- what is the best baby formula?

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Well the answer is not that easy to get to but outlined below you will find all the tools you need to use when you choose the best baby formula for you and your little one.

Types of Formula

best baby formulaAs a rule, infant formula can be grouped into two types- soy based and milk formula. The milk formula is not cow’s milk it is modified and broken down so that newborns and babies can readily digest it. Chemists have developed these formulas to give the optimal amount of nutrients to the baby and to resemble breast milk as closely as possible. Consequently the formula supplies the baby with all the nutrients and minerals he would need for healthy development. With milk based formulas the nutrients are derived from cow’s milk and modified so the baby’s immature digestive system can process the nutrients.

If you have a history of allergies in the family you will even find baby formulas that are lactose free. These usually are the soy based formulas. You should however consult with your physician if there is a history in your family. They will advise you which is best baby formula to go for then.

Now that you know what type of formula your baby needs, you need to buy age appropriately as each stage or age group of formula caters for specific dietary needs of babies at that age. Newborns up to 6 months take stage 1, stage 2 is for babies up to a year and stage 3 is for babies older than a year. Remember each stage caters for the baby’s nutritional needs at that specific developmental stage.

Another aspect to consider is the price of the baby formula; this can become quite expensive in the early stages of development as the only food source would be formula. Going for a cheaper option here might easy financial burdens but then is the inferior product good for the health of your baby. After all you do want the best for your baby don’t you? The cheaper option could mean that your child would not absorb the nutrients effectively which could lead to deficiencies in vitamins or minerals. There was a case a couple of years ago where manufacturers made a cheaper product and it did not or contained inadequate amounts of vitamin B1. You don’t want your baby to fall victim to this.

Making the right choice when buying the best baby formula is not always that simple, therefore the safest way to choose for your baby is to consult with your physician and take their advice as true and sound because they look at it with the baby’s health in mind.

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