Best Bottles For Breastfed Babies

By on January 19, 2014

There is no question as to whether or not breastfeeding is beneficial to your baby. It can be cost effective and be a healthy alternative for feeding your baby. However, it isn’t always convenient. That is one reason many mothers turn to using bottles.

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If you started out breastfeeding your baby, for all of the obvious reasons, you may be experiencing some anxiety because you are no longer able to keep up with this routine. There is help for mothers who are experiencing such anxiety.


There are baby bottles, which are marketed for breastfed babies. Some mothers may steer clear of using a bottle because they may reason that using a bottle is not nurturing. This isn’t necessarily true, If you cuddle your baby while bottle-feeding, the experience can be just as nurturing for your baby.


As a mother, there may have been a time when you made the decision that you would stay home long enough to breast-feed your baby. Things don’t always go as planned. If you have to go back to work, this may conflict with your feeding schedule. Again, the alternative is to use a bottle that is specifically designed for breast-fed babies.


Best Bottles For Breastfed Babies:



Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle


Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle While the Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle may cost more than other breast-fed baby bottles, based on its reviews, it is well worth the expense. Its round design closely mimics the Mothers breast, and is made with soft, medical grade silicon materials. Just by slightly squeezing the bottle, you are able to provide your baby with milk in much the same way as you would by breast-feeding.

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It also has a spout that is long enough for the baby to latch on to. The Comotomo bottle has a durable, soft grip and wide-mouth design, which makes it possible to clean them more effectively. If your baby is colicky, the air-vent design will help prevent air bubbles and help with your baby’s feeding. One of the best parts of the Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle is that it is leak proof, both during use and during transport. Overall, the Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle seems to be a top choice for many mothers who want to give their baby a similar experience to that of actually being breast-fed.

Rating: 4.5 stars



MAM BPA Free Bottle

The MAM BPA Free Bottle is not only free of BPA (bisphenol A); it is also free of Phthalates and PVC. They also come in two sizes, one holding more than the other. Many mothers appreciate the easy to read scale, which makes it easy to fill. The MAM BPA Free Bottle has a wide base; that makes it sturdier than some of the other bottles.

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When feeding a newborn baby, you will be happy to know that this bottle has a very soft spout, giving it the feel of a Mothers own breast. To clean the MAM BPA Free Bottle, you can simply sit it in the microwave to self-sterilize it. It really is just that easy. No fuss and no mess.

Rating: 4.4 stars

Philips AVENT BPA Free Bottle to First Cup Trainer


This AVENT bottle features trainer handles that enable a small infant to grasp a hold of. The Philips AVENT BPA Free Classic Bottle to First Cup Trainer features a protective cap that keeps its contents and the bottle clean. This soft and durable bottle, made for both babies and toddlers four months and up, comes complete with interchangeable spout and screw rings, detachable handles and will work with any of the Classic AVENT product lines. This bottle was designed to help transition from bottle to sippy cup. The AVENT BPA Free Classic Bottle to First Cup Trainer is offered as a 4 oz bottle.

Rating: 4.4 stars


Whichever breast-feeding bottle you decide to use, you will certainly want to do your homework prior to making a final decision. To find the best bottle for your breast-fed baby, it may take some effort but you and your baby are sure to reap the benefits. When selecting the bottle that will be best for your baby, you may want to consider just whether or not your baby is actually drinking from the bottle, the convenience of cleaning the bottle, its level of durability and cost. Not every baby bottle is going to work for every baby. You simply have to find the one that is best for your baby.


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