Breastfeeding vs. Formula Milk: The Common Debate Is Broken Down on

By on July 26, 2014

Feeding your child during its infancy stage is not just recommended but it is a responsibility. The nutrition level of a baby easily depletes due to the underdevelopment of his internal organs for metabolism. Babies should be regularly fed to keep their bodies up to optimum health.


Since babies do not have the right enzymes yet to metabolize solid food so they only take in liquids. Only one liquid can make your baby healthy and more guarded from disease and that’s milk.


Milks are complete food for it contains an even balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Drinking this can give a nutritional equivalent to eating a full breakfast meal. For babies, this is their elixir of life, that’s why having a constant supply is a must. You might not know when your young one will be hungry.


Babies drink either breast milk or formula milk. There are circumstances why some parents prefer to choose one from the other. Each of those two previously mentioned have different advantages and disadvantages. Let’s focus first on breast milk.


Breast milk is created by milk ducts on the mother’s breast during the first few stages of pregnancy. It is triggered upon the development of the embryo. It accumulates in the breast up until the due date. Upon the birth of the child, the child is being feed with colostrum, which is the first squirt of breast milk.


Colostrum contains antibodies that make a child more resistant to diseases not just helpful from the start of infancy, but up until the end of your life. Another advantage is the facilitation of mother-child bonding. Breastfeeding your child makes you secrete the hormone oxytocin which strengthens the maternal connection.


Breast milk doesn’t just help the baby, but also the mother. It can help reduce the risk of certain cancers and even improve her immune system. If you want to be a sexy mom, you better breastfeed for it helps you in reducing weight as well. The best thing about breast milk is that, it’s absolutely free. The best things in life are free as they say.


There are also disadvantages of breast milk. It may be only small but there is.


Some mothers, especially younger ones, find this task challenging. Sometimes it makes them feel awkward resulting to discouragement. Physiological problems include sore nipples, leaking or gorged breasts can be a pain and an embarrassment to the mother.


Another thing is that breastfeeding can be inconvenient for moms who are working. Since they don’t have time to do so, they end up not doing it at all. It’s because placing them in bottles can lower down its quality.


For those who have problems with or decided not to use breastfeeding, the use of formula milk can be an option. Even though it is rarely used, there are also some advantages and disadvantages.


Examples of which are convenience wherein the mother or even a guardian can feed a child anywhere and anytime of the day when the baby is hungry. Also the feeding frequency is reduced to a minimum due to the fact that formula milk contains nutrients that are hard for the baby to metabolize.


The disadvantages of formula milk include synthetic content which does not contain the necessary nutrients, antibodies and vitamins needed by the child. This leads to vulnerability to most infections in the later life. Plus it gives the child digestion problems.


Preparing the mixture is another thing too. It takes a lot of time and effort in preparing the nipples, the bottles and the containers. This actually delays the baby’s feeding period which is not good.


You know the pros and cons of these two milk forms for infants. It’s up to your personal decision to choose what suits you best.

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