Disposable vs Cloth Diapers: The Match Up

By on July 18, 2014

In the early days of being a parent, there’s nothing more loving and gentleness than taking care of your child. Your young ones who you brought into this world will bring you the immense joy and happiness a mother and a father would feel. Just looking at their innocent faces just makes you drop a tear or two. The frailty and sensitivity of the child you shall take good care of.

In the early stage of infancy, most of the bodily functions are still in the process of controlling itself. This means sensitive organs, senses, uncontrollable reflexes and release mechanisms such as peeing or defecating. With these situations call urgent parent care which means round the clock baby watching from regular feeding, sleeping and never forget one of the most daunting tasks – diaper changing.

Most people are afraid to change their baby’s diapers. Some believe this will give them diaper rash, now that’s ridiculous. Maybe it’s because of the presence of baby waste that consists of urine and poo. Actually, it’s not that gross for what babies feed on is just plain breast milk or infant formulas.

There are actually two options for you, the parent, in choosing what diaper best fits for your baby. The first would be cloth diapers, the other one would be disposable diapers. They both vary in consistency and effectivity.

Cloth diapers washable diapers made of washable material. It’s made with natural fabric so it’s less irritant to the baby’s skin. This can serve as a safety precaution if your baby has a predisposed allergy to synthetic fibers like from disposable diapers. Cloth diapers also give the chance for the baby to have easier and earlier potty training.

They are also environment-friendly for they are biodegradable and it also contributes to reduction of your landfill. Plus you get to save more money since you only use one cloth diaper that it purely washable which means you get to reuse it and reuse it. One more thing, cloth diapers give your babies less chances of having diaper rash.

However cloth diapers are absorbent by nature which means if your child takes a leak too much, the diaper will leak, literally. Regular monitoring is a must to determine leakage. Another disadvantage would be the fastening of the cloth itself. It takes a longer amount of time compared to disposable ones.

Disposable diapers on the other hand are convenient, one-time use diapers. They are often composed of synthetic fibers rather than cloth diapers that make use of natural biodegradable ones.

Its advantages include convenience. Disposable diapers are of one-time use, which means no time for rewashing or anything like that. If you’re on the road, you can throw it away after your little one has taken a leak or a dump. Another advantage includes wetness protection. It’s more absorbent compared to the cloth counterpart.

With advantages come disadvantages. Disposable diapers are often contributing to the large amount of landfill for it is non-biodegradable. In terms of expenses, you get to spend too much since you buy them in bulk or batches. This is not good for a person saving some cash.

Also, disposable diapers’ fibers contain chemicals found in their fibers that can cause extensive diaper rash in babies. This is because disposable diapers are composed of synthetic material.

If you’re a mother and you’re confused with choosing the better type of diaper for your baby, it depends on your choice. Hopefully, with the help of this information, you can choose more wisely.

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