First Years Ignite Stroller Product Review

By on July 13, 2014


So here’s the thing – get it right with the stroller you buy and you’re in for year after year of happy use and no additional expense. Get it wrong and you face the prospect of quite the opposite, which is why it’s so important to take no chances are all when choosing yours. The First Years Ignite Stroller is one of the best-selling strollers on the market right now and comes from a brand with a solid reputation for results. Of course, you’ll need more to go on than simple reputation before investing in something as vital as a stroller, so what is it that makes the First Years Ignite Stroller a standout example?


In a nutshell, the First Years Ignite Stroller is all about delivering a fully-functional package for an agreeable price. It’s nothing close to the all-singing, all-dancing OTT strollers at the top of the market right now, but it’s also far from a let-down. It’s been made so ruggedly that even a child of two years old can climb in and out of the thing without it tipping over…that’s according to a fair few buyers. It’s also one of the easiest strollers out there to fold and unfold, cleaning is a doddle and it’s as pretty as a picture – most important bases covered already. It’s a little on the heavy side at 14lbs and it’s safe to say that the basket it features is neither use nor ornament, but for this price you can’t expect the world.

2016 Update: This stroller has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

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How It Works

The First Years Ignite Stroller is an umbrella stroller designed to be of use for infants from birth and can carry an impressive 50lb total weight.


Customer Feedback


Take a look at what’s being said about the First Years Ignite Stroller on the street:


“Some say its heavy; I say it’s tough enough for family life. If you’ve got an active two-year-old, you’ll know what I mean!” – Penny T.


“We bought the First Years Ignite Stroller as a second stroller to be use on occasion, though we’ve ended up canning the other. If ease of use matters to you, you’ve found your stroller!” – David F.


“We’ve always gone with The First Years when we’ve needed to buy something baby-related and can say with conviction that the Ignite Stroller didn’t let us down.” – Rebecca F.



You almost always get what you pay for these days, though in the case of the First Years Ignite Stroller you could argue that your money is stretched that little bit further. It’s not what you’d call a luxurious or top-end stroller with all the features on Earth, but at this kind of price it’s not like you could really ask for more.
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