Fun Things To Do For a Baby or Kid’s Birthday Party

By on September 15, 2014

Planning a child’s birthday party? If so, you will know how dreadfully difficult it is to come up with ideas. This is why we have put together this little article.

Here we are going to run you through five of the best things to do for a child’s birthday party.

1: Play Center

If you live in a large city then it is likely that you will have some sort of ‘soft’ play center located nearby.

This is a fantastic place to hold a fun birthday party, particularly if you do not have too much space around your own home. Children are going to have an absolute blast playing around the play center.

The play center will normally offer a number of different activities for when birthday parties are booked through them too. This includes providing the food to eat and fun games for the children to play.

Obviously this is one of the more expensive birthday party ideas on this list. You therefore may wish to keep the number of children who are invited to the birthday party ‘to the minimum’.

2: Scavenger Hunt

This is one of the ideas that I never thought would go down too well with the children.

I tried it one year though and they had tons of fun. This idea is obviously suited for the older kid parties.

You should be able to find plenty of ideas online when it comes to scavenger hunts.

You can have small prizes at the end, which will really heighten the sense of fun that the child is going to end up getting from the party.

The great thing about a scavenger hunt is the fact that you will be able to tailor the idea, based upon the area in which the party is being run.

Outdoor scavenger hunt list

3: 1st Birthday Baby Wall

This is an idea for the first birthday of a child. Obviously the party is going to be more for you than the baby at this point. They will probably not even realize that it is their birthday!

One of the best ideas here is to set up a small wall where adults are able to pin photographs and notes for the child. You can then keep the board that these notes are placed upon.

They make a fantastic present for the child who will be able to look back on this memento of their first birthday for many years to come.

4: Fancy Dress Party

This is an idea for those older kids. Fancy dress parties are all the rage at the moment.

The best way in which to run a fancy dress party is to have some sort of theme (superheroes, princes and princesses etc.). You can then plan all of the decorations and food for the event around this theme.

Do not forget to let the child have an active role in the planning of the theme here! After all; it is their party.

5: Arts & Crafts

Having an arts and crafts table for the party is an absolutely superb idea.The child will not only be having fun but they will be able to take back a memento from the event.

You will be surprised at how cheap it is to put together an arts and crafts table too.

You will also be surprised at how engaged the children are going to be. Obviously you will want to make sure that the table is supervised at all times.

After all; playing with arts and crafts can be dangerous in some situations!

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